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Ignoring others problems

It’s funny how easily children ignore you when you ask them to clean their room or finish their vegetables, yet they cannot seem to ignore the talkative kid in classroom. Ignoring you or their elders is not acceptable, but sometimes children need to practice their selective hearing skills to keep out of trouble or avoid situations that are distracting to them in class. Even though you know your children are perfectly capable of ignoring certain things, you can help them practice that skill to use in certain situations.

You can help teach young children to ignore negative behaviours, such as kids who are talking during class or children who aren’t being kind to them on the playground by teaching the turtle technique. This is a simple technique that involves a few easy-to-remember steps.

Teach your child to drop their head, put their hands by their side and focus on whatever it is they are doing. Remind them that it is important not to talk to or interact with the children who are attempting to distract them.

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